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ACEPOWER , founded in 2005, is a professional sports protective promoter. We perennial concern in the preventive medicine, advocated before exercising warm-up and stretching, movement protection, operating income after exercise and muscle care!

The company has specialized training courses so that friends who love sports understand the importance of sports protection. There are well-developed products to serve athletes such as: Muscle power cooling cream, is the world's first free of steroids, stimulants, Olympic doping gredients and so on. We insist on excluding medicine to physical safety as the supreme principle. Currently, widely used in high-end athletes Ace taping are also the first adoption of a medical-grade glue to prevent skin allergy phenomenon. Protective Gear also with German precision production technology. In order to achieve the world's leading high-end standards, we have adopted production permit number: TUV, ISO 9001, ISO 13488, ISO 22716: 2007, FDA, CE …Wait.


CEO of ACEPOWER said: sports protection work is systemic, a good athlete to become a national player, always wanted to have a composite training and rigorous care, currently the world's top sport athletes have a professional teams. Athletes training in addition to the technology, the core training, muscle strength recovery after the race, injury care and psychological consultation are extremely important.

Chenyong Ren in 2011 in Beijing founded the “Beijing ACEPOWER” company and the physical therapy center, with Beijing Sport University experts communicating western medicine regarding the concept of rehabilitation exercise and practical technology.

Our service object:

1.China National Badminton Team (Olympic gold medal team Lin-D) injury clinic services.

2.China National Football Club: Beijing Guoan, Changchun Asia, Shandong, Suzhou Greentown and so on.

3.China National Male blue CBA, the national women's football team, handball team, Olympic Sports Center etc.

4.Beijing Marathon, Xiamen Marathon, Taipei Marathon, Lake international cycling race and other protective work.


Taiwan is the hometown of ACEPOWER, from primary school to educate the public how to avoid injury, student athletes after training recovery, answer the athletes' injuries, emphasize the ice compress and the core muscles. We are officially designated security group. Our service:

1.Badminton Republic of ROC (ranked match) (Taipei Open)

2.Republic of ROC National Badminton Association (morning cup) (President Cup) (with you about President's Cup)

3.ROC Boxing Association (Presidents Cup)

4.ROC Cheerleading Association (sports protective and taught)

5.Taiwan's Ministry of Education, high school sports teacher (sports injuries instructor)

6.Taiwan National University of Physical Education Special Lecturer (Professor Wang Baichuan sports exchange study)

7.Taipei Sports Association Table tennis Association (Sports Injury Advisor)

8.Injury clinic services and sports injuries lectures schools: Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School, YuCheng High School, Nanhu High School, SongShan High School, SongShan School of Home Economics, NewTaipei High School, Neihu Vocational high school, Taishan high school, LiShan junior high school, Xihu junior high school, Cooperative Bank badminton team, Cathay female table tennis team, TaiYuen female basketball team, cheerleading Association.


ACEPOWER heartfelt wishes, love sports friends, be sure to pay attention to "preventive medicine". Protection before competition, protection in competition such as taping and protective gear, so as to "safty movement.Finally, Prolong the sport life.

                                               CEO Chenyong Ren 2016/ Taipei


We are very happy to provide (AT / PT) protective member, the therapist was a high professional service, the service is as follows:

Sports injury clinic recommends injuries

Short-term (intensive) sports injuries teaching

Coach (team doctor) taping of Chairs and Training

Muscle paste, paste Zafar training

Game (activity) protection stations set up (protection staff and equipment)



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